Small Bathroom Ideas

It can be hard to find your perfect style in a smaller space in addition to being practical. However, your dream bathroom can still be achieved in your small space. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your bathroom into a feature in your home.

We've created a list of how you can best utilise the cramped space of your small bathroom:

1 Use a big mirror

The use of a big mirror in your small bathroom can lighten your entire room as well as looking stylish. A mirror is a terrific way to give the appearance of more space in a tight room.

The Jupiter Mirror Cabinet allows you to configure your mirror to suit the footprint you have, and the frameless clean look of the mirror creates a seamless look for your bathroom.

2Use good lighting

With the right lighting you can illuminate the entire bathroom. Ideally you want to be able to let as much natural light into your space, but with the help of a big mirror, good lighting can make your compact bathroom feel more spacious.

3 Create more storage space

Consider adding more storage space to your vanity unit. With options for both doors and drawers, or a combination of both, you can find your perfect mix for your storage. By removing the clutter from a narrow bathroom and using your vanity for all your storage, you can create a cleaner and sleeker look.

Our customisable options allow you to find the best storage solution for small bathrooms.

4 Keep your floor space clean

Try not to cover the floor space with too much furniture. Too much on your floor can make a small bathroom feel even smaller. You can put this idea to practise when you consider what size and style of vanity, shower, or sink that you choose. To keep your floor space clear, consider floating shelves for storage to help with saving space.

5 Get a mirror cabinet

A mirror cabinet can help create more floating storage space for your small bathroom. With built-in storage behind your mirror, you can reflect light into your small space while adding a more practical storage element to your room.

We have a wide range of mirror cabinets that are customisable to match your taste. Some favourite small bathroom ideas also include the use of an open shelf below the mirror as seen in the Earth Mirror Cabinet.

6 Use a sliding door

In even the smallest space you can create some extra space by changing your swinging door for sliding or pocket doors. By minimising the space taken up by your door you can turn your compact space into a more manageable area.

7 Change up your shower curtain

For your walk-in shower, there are several options for your shower curtain or shower screen. For more compact spaces consider a clear glass door or glass wall to give the illusion of more room in your tiny space. As an alternative for your shower door, you can use a clear or plain shower curtain to create the same effect as a glass shower door.

8 Use a floating vanity

A wall hung vanity is perfect in both a small and larger space. This can free up floor space and create a seamless appearance in your bathroom design. A wall hung vanity can make your tiny bathroom feel more open and become a feature piece in your new small room renovation.

Our customisable options allow you to change the height, drawers, shelves and benchtops of the vanity unit.

9 Use an open shelf

An open shelf in your vanity unity can be beneficial for styling and create another storage solution for your small bathroom. A few floating shelves in your vanity can save space and add more style to your room.

You can apply the open shelf option to both our freestanding bathroom vanities and hung units.

10 Choose a unique basin

Your small bathroom can have a pedestal sink or a floating sink to fit into small spaces, or you can make your sink become a feature in your room. You can become your own interior designer and pick a sleek design to suit your space. No matter what style of basin you decide you want to decorate your powder room in, our benchtops and vanity units have a style to suit every taste from industrial chic to coastal themes.

11 Use a small vanity

Rather than getting a vanity that takes up the entire wall, consider a smaller bathroom vanity unit. If you don't need the extra surface space for your small bathroom, you can minimise the space of your vanity with a small corner sink or floating vanity.

12 Make your bath a feature

If you have the room for a bath, you can make it a focal point in your design. A freestanding tub takes up less room and gives your tiny bathroom a more spacious feel.

With luxury bathroom features like a freestanding bath, you can create a great fit for your family bathroom or ensuite. Our range includes options like the Champagne Bath that is designed to sit flat against the wall to save space and make the room feel more open.

13 Decide on a minimalist style

The best small bathroom ideas will be created from finding your perfect blend of design tastes and incorporating practical ideas to make the best use of all the space in your room.

The minimalist style allows for a sleek design that is both tasteful and streamlined to reduce clutter. Common themes in the minimalist style include concrete floors, large tiles, and monochrome colours. If you decide that you want a sleek white bathroom with a subway tile, then the minimalist style would suit your tastes.

14 Use unique tiles

For your shower room or tiny bathroom design, you can consider using your wall tiles and floor tile choice to create a set theme for your bathroom.

If you are looking for a simple design with small or large tiles, you can use horizontal tiles to create the appearance of wider walls and higher ceilings. If you want to add more colour into your small bathroom you can consider using patterned tiles or bright glossy ceramic tiles to decorate your room.

15 Create a gallery wall

Make the most of your vertical space with a gallery wall. This is a great way to display decorative items, artwork, or even family photos while turning your small bathroom into a sanctuary.

With the help of a big mirror, you can make your small space feel luxurious and present your gallery wall to give your bathroom a pop of colour.

16 Install a shower ledge

A shower niche or ledge can create some additional storage in your small bathroom area. A shower niche allows you to store your soaps and toiletries without clunky shower caddies taking up your space.

17 Use bright colours

Bright colours in your small bathroom can draw the eye away from the limited space to focus on the features. Consider painting blue walls or changing up your vanity unit for something more colourful.

Our range of vanities come in a wide selection of textures and colours. Try your hand at our Style Designer to find the perfect option for your wet room.

18 Install a skylight

If you have the attic space, a skylight is a great way to let in more natural light and open your small bathroom. A skylight can help small bathrooms observe more privacy and maximise your wall space if you can't have ordinary windows.

19 Minimise bathroom clutter

You can make your small bathroom or powder room feel more spacious by reducing your bathroom clutter. Storage is the perfect solution for this.

For more storage in your tiny room vanity storage or mirror cabinets are great bathroom ideas. Small spaces can feel more streamlined when you have clean lines for your room, this means that more modern or industrial designs with hard edges tend to look more spacious.

20 Mix up materials

To make your small bathroom design feel more unique, try mixing up the materials in your room. If you have a wood floor, use bright wall tiles or if you have ceramic pattern tiles on your floor, try light wood cabinets to make your room feel more creative.

With our Style Designer you can choose from a wide range of options from the Delana Oak finish to the smooth Spinifex benchtop.

Start by customising your own creation in the Designer today.