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Enjoy the creative freedom to build your own dreams using a variety of finishes, styles, colours, and unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces all offered to you from years of experience in Australian Manufacturing for Australian Bathrooms.

You won’t find any limitations on our range of bathroom vanities and cabinets

Finding perfect bathroom vanities online doesn’t have to be limited to set sizes or options. Using our revolutionary Smart Designer, you can plan out your perfect piece from start to finish. Designed to be the hero of any bathroom our vanity range combines aesthetic designs with meticulous craftsmanship.

Pick your size, design, finish, benchtop, hardware, and more all in one easy to use location. With our custom-made range your imagination is about your only limit, and even where that goes will surprise you!

  • Produced within 21 working days
  • Shipped to you fully assembled ready to install
  • Built to order / Fit any room
  • Endless options
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Single Vanity Units

Single Vanity Units are perfect for a large or small bathroom. For those who don't want a larger vanity taking up space in their bathroom, a single bowl vanity can provide you with more space in your room. Whether you want a wall hung vanity, floor standing vanity or freestanding vanity, we can help you find the perfect design right down to the cupboards and fixings.

Purchasing the right Single Vanity Unity for your home requires more than selecting the best material. You will also want to match the aesthetic of your vanity styles to the tile and décor in your bathroom. From gloss white stone tops to textured finishes drawer fronts, we can help you create a timeless bathroom design at the best prices. Our shop provides a great range of designs to suit every taste.

Double Vanity Units

Double Vanity Units provide ample storage space, allowing you to separate your bathroom products into an organised manner according to your personal preference. Double vanity units are perfect for larger families where there is usually more than one person in the bathroom at once. Double basins can add more practicality to your bathroom all our vanity units can come in a great range of standard sizes and customized styles to suit your design goal.

A double vanity will provide more bench space and can be a terrific addition to your bathroom renovation. Ensure that there is enough space for all your toiletries with our range of configuration options.

Vanities with Basins

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with an Above Counter Basin. They are the perfect choice for a bathroom that cries out for storage space, style, and substance.

Inset basins are a modern take on the under-counter basin. Style and functionality are perfectly balanced in Inset Basins, and they can be easier to use for some people. Undermount Basins are installed underneath the vanity level creating a streamlined minimalist look and the basin sides are protected from impact.


Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Wall Hung Vanities are a versatile solution and can be quite eye-catching. To create a feeling of space, installing a Floating Vanity Unit keeps the floor visible and free from clutter. As they are fixed directly to the wall, they provide a spacious look between the bottom of the unit and the floor, which creates the illusion of openness.

For smaller spaces, design consultants often highly recommend a wall hung vanity to create a seamless look for bathroom accessories.

This option can be perfect for those wanting to play on the natural light in your bathroom. With our options, you can decide on the height of your bathroom vanity unit in addition to our wide range of styles.


Floor Mount Vanities

Freestanding or Floor Mount Vanities provide a stylish and practical storage solution for any bathroom.

Unlike wall hung units they sit directly on the floor and can assist with extra support where there is a lack of wall support, and they can also assist with covering pipework if the floor plumbing is visible. A full height vanity unit can offer more storage and can be blended into both traditional and contemporary styles.

Double bowl, single bowls, or more bench space, we can customize freestanding vanities to best suit you. If you are a visual shopper, you can mix and match with our bathroom vanities online Smart Designer.


Small Vanities

Even tiny spaces need clever storage solutions. Our Small Bathroom Vanities have been carefully chosen to ensure suitability for that smallest of room in the home - the small toilet, shaving cabinets, or powder room.

They're available in a wide variety of sizes to suit those troublesome spaces. And let's not forget about the all-important colour choice that can be customised to these vanities also. From matte white, to engineered stone, or Gunmetal grey, our great range of narrow vanities are designed to suit your personal preference.

Not only do they look great, but they can do the job of a full-size vanity without taking up excessive space.



Vanity Benchtops

Balancing the design of a bathroom is not an easy task. Besides the flooring and the walls, one of the details that really add shine to your bathroom is your vanity benchtops. Our wide range of colour selections and sizes can suit every design taste from farmhouse chic to more industrial tastes.

For all our floor standing/ freestanding vanities, wall hung vanities, and basin bathroom vanities, we build in standard sizes in addition to customize sizes.

Vanity Units with Drawers

Our Vanities with Drawers only can also be configured and sized to suit your space. Only need a small bathroom vanity for your shaving cabinet? Or looking for a storage option for all your toiletries?

The beauty of drawers is their functionality when it comes to access what’s in the cabinet, you simply pull the drawer out with its contents and can see and access it without rummaging through from the front. Whether you only want one drawer, or ten, we can create the right bathroom vanity for you.

Vanity Units wth Doors

At KOAST we have many shapes and styles of bathroom vanity units, so if you’re someone who prefers to keep everything stored away and out of sight, we have a solution for you too!

Doors allow for maximum storage as there is clear open space inside usually with adjustable shelves (depending on size).

Also, keep in mind that you can specify how many doors you want and which way you want the doors to open, particularly important to maximise your useable space. Our range of vanities has customizable options to create the perfect bathroom units at a great price.


Vanity Units with Doors and Drawers

Made for living our Vanities with Doors and Drawers have been created for space and function, giving you the best of both worlds. It is practical and stylish and serves to suit the busiest of bathrooms. You don't have to choose just one style. Our team provides great customer service as well as beautiful vanities and we can help you achieve your bathroom vanity dreams.

Our bathroom vanity units with both drawers and cupboards have a range of configuration options and textured finishes. This style of bathroom vanity is highly recommended for smaller areas.

Vanity Units with Open Shelves

Vanities with Open Shelves are a great way to turn your everyday items into décor items and encourages you to keep your spaces clean.

Vanities with Open Shelves are often preferred in smaller bathroom spaces because the open space beneath makes the bathroom feel more spacious. This style can be applied to both wall hung vanity units and freestanding vanity units. If you are a visual shopper, you can use our smart designer to find the perfect bathroom vanity units for your home.

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