bright modern bathroom with 2 mirrors and vanity cabinets

How to decorate a bathroom

A bathroom is an area many don’t spend a lot of time focusing on when it comes to decor, yet we spend […]

A white marble finish bathroom fitted with white ceramic sink, off blue color vanity cabinets. It has a copper finish tap and shower and lights which is hanging from the ceiling

How To Hire The Right Installer

Choosing an Installer to make or break your bathroom or laundry remodel. Your cabinets can be as stunning as can be, but […]

A laundry room fitted with two front loading wachine machines and with wooden finish vanity cabinets. The room comes with a big glass window and has a reading table and chair.

My Renovation: The Laundry Room

You spend a considerable amount of your time in your laundry room, undertaking a necessary but mundane chore. Add some joy to […]