How it works

We do things a little differently - for your benefit. But we understand that means you’ll probably have questions. We’ve put together the guide below to help explain our process.

7 simple steps


The first step to planning your new bathroom or laundry is understanding the space you have to work with so you know how much you can fit in.
You need to measure the space for your new cabinets or vanity. We’ve also put together some helpful guides in our Resource Centre:

Design your cabinets and vanities

Using our Smart Designer. You can simply enter your measurements and select the options you require. Each change you make will be redrawn in real time on screen so you can review what you are deciding on.

Store your design

You can save your designs and share them with your family, friends, stakeholders and/or your Interior Designer or Builder.

Once you’ve finalised your design you can proceed to step N4.

Order your cabinets and vanities

Your stored design shows all the components you need to order and puts them into our “truck” shopping cart.

We make your order

Your order gets started on the NEXT business day.

As per our guarantee, your order will be manufactured within three working days.

We fully build your order. NO FLAT PACKS.

Wrap and Deliver

As we said, there are no flat packs in your order.

We put your cabinets or vanity on the pallet, wrap them for protection and order your courier.

Your order will turn up ready to install.


Now it is over to you and your local team. We don't do the installation but we do have recommended Installers.

You can either finish the installation of your cabinets or vanity yourself or engage an Installer to complete the job.

Enjoy the Koast

Now you can sit back and enjoy your new bathroom or laundry knowing the whole process was a KOAST.

How would you like to find your dream cabinets?