How to decorate a bathroom

bright modern bathroom with 2 mirrors and vanity cabinets

A bathroom is an area many don’t spend a lot of time focusing on when it comes to decor, yet we spend a lot of our time in our bathrooms. Use these tips and tricks on layout, colour palettes, decor and lighting to decorate your bathroom and help turn it into a beautiful personal space.

There's no denying that bathroom renovations can be costly. But styling your bathroom doesn't have to come with a high price tag, which is why we have a fresh batch of budget-friendly decor ideas that actually make a difference. Just because we can't splurge on the bathtub of our dreams doesn't mean we can't give our bathrooms a major design upgrade. In an effort to make fresh, stylish interiors a little more accessible, we have some quick tips to decorate your bathroom with perfect bathroom vanities and mirror cabins.

You spend time there getting ready for your day and time relaxing and washing away the stresses of the outside world, so why not turn your bathroom into a space that creates peace and tranquility for you?

Bathroom Layout

Whether you're remodeling or building new, designing the perfect bathroom layout is an exciting and thoughtful process. To help bring your dream bath into focus, take time to assess your needs and devise an efficient layout. In a modern design, space is used as efficiently as possible. This style can bring small bathrooms to life and help the area to appear larger than it is.

Creating a free, open space will make a big change to the way a bathroom feels. Changing out your built-in baths for freestanding options or changing your shower to seamless glass will be a big, positive change on its own.

A functional bathroom floor plan is one of the keys to building and remodeling success. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself when planning a bathroom layout:

Who will use the bathroom?

When working out your bathroom layout, start by considering your bathroom routine, the right fit bathroom bathtub and how the space can most effectively cater to that. A bathroom that all family members use will certainly feature different fixtures than those in a master bath.

How will it be used?

What activities will be done in the various parts of the room? For example, will the room also house laundry facilities?

Where will things go?

When crafting the perfect bathroom layout, don't underestimate the importance of storage. The bathroom needs to be organised and tidy. Other than being unhygienic, messy bench tops and damp towels will ruin any sense of zen you hope to establish within your bathroom.

Decorating style and colour palette

When you're looking at bathroom colour schemes, it can be tempting to stick to all-white shades. But that's not your only option - you can still have fun with colour and tone in the bathroom to create any look you like.

A fresh colour scheme can completely transform the look of your bathroom. It's important to consider how colour can affect our mood and perception of the space. For example, green can add a zen feel and soft pinks ooze romantic. Once you know which colour scheme is best, you can look for inspiration in nature, interiors, fashion, and fabrics to help you round out your palette.

Focal Points

Creating a focal point doesn’t imply decorating each nook and corner of the room but needs concentration on a single feature to grab attention. Focal points are an important part of every renovation design, especially in bathrooms. Here are some ways to experiment with strong focal points:

  • The Vanity: A bathroom vanity is one of the most purposeful spaces in the bathroom. A vanity can work perfectly as the centerpiece of your bathroom. It’s essential to pay close attention to design detail and understand the function the vanity is playing. It’s easy storage for bathroom essentials. But with the right design, it can add visual appeal. However, using the vanity as a focal point requires careful planning so that other elements, such as tapware and benchtop, must complement it.
  • The Bath Tub: A freestanding bathtub can be a head-turner element in your bathroom if you amplify it with the right decor.
  • Mirror: Mirrors are making a big comeback in bathroom renovations and are even becoming the star attraction rather than just something that’s just an essential component. A common approach is to make the mirror exactly as wide as the vanity so the two line up perfectly and create balance.

Art and Decor

There are a few reasons why people avoid putting art in their bathrooms. One of the main reasons is that people are unsure of how the bathroom’s moisture might ruin the integrity of a piece. If you are keen on some artwork, make sure it is mounted behind glass and sealed correctly to avoid the nasty fogging up of the glass.

Artwork for a bathroom should be neutral and calming - look for some abstract art or photography that is in line with your colour palette.

Besides the traditional artwork or photography in a bathroom, consider putting up some shelving on a blank wall. You can add decor to the shelving to create interest without the worry that artwork or photography will get damaged by the moist air.

Towels and bath sheets are not just for drying yourself off - use hanging towels to create texture in a bathroom in various sizes, textures and colours to complement the room’s colour palette. When it comes to mirrors in a bathroom - the bigger the better. Mirrors make a room feel larger and more open while reflecting light.

Change your fittings

A quick and easy bathroom decorating idea — change out your bathroom’s hardware. New drawer pulls, toilet paper holder, towel bars and faucet will completely change the look of your bath. Here are three benefits to keeping faucets and fittings in good repair and replacing them:

  • Improve aesthetic interest
  • Save water and money
  • Increase your home’s value

Bathrooms don’t have to be purely functional spaces with no character. Decorating your bathroom should be just as fun as the rest of your house!

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