Open Shelf Cabinet

Open Shelf Cabinet for any size laundry room

There’s no doubt that doing the laundry is a chore, so anything you can do to create a functional, efficient and well-equipped laundry will lighten the load. Open Shef Cabinet is great for decorative items or baskets that you would like to display, or items you would like to access for convenience.

All KOAST Open Shelf Cabinet Collection allows you to choose your shelving configuration to suit your wall space in any colour or size.

Base cabinets with Open Shelves

Wall Cabinet with Open Shelves

Wall Cabinet with Open Shelves has become a popular trend in recent years.

This approach helps a room feel a little more open while still providing storage for everyday essentials

Tall Cabinet with Open Shelves

Tall Cabinets with Open Shelves create bountiful storage and a dramatic vertical look in a space.

Laundry Cabinetry is currently a manual order.