Laundry Design Ideas for the Ultimate Laundry Room

A white themed laundry room fitted with two white front load washing machine and dryer. Also, fitted with wooden cupboard and storage baskets.

The hottest trend right now? Laundries.

Your laundry room is not only an investment into your daily life but a long-term value for your home. Laundries are becoming one of the most important features of the home.

Today we’re sharing 6 tips and tricks to designing the ultimate laundry, one that’s functional, gorgeous and ticks all the boxes! These eye-catching laundry room designs prove that the home's most common multifunctional space can be both beautiful and efficient.

1. Add Functionality with a Sink

White Laundry with a functional sinkOne feature many homeowners inquire about is adding a sink to the laundry room. There are lots of benefits of adding a sink to your custom home laundry room, here are a few of the biggest ones:

  • Hand Washing
  • Soak & Scrub
  • Messy Clean-up
  • Pet Care

Laundry rooms may be hardworking, but that doesn't mean they have to be void of style. A functional sink offers a convenient place for hand washing clothes, treating stains or cleaning up after craft projects.

2. A Convenient Clothes Rack

White washer and dryer laundry machine attached with clothes rackA fixed hanging rail in the laundry can save you lots of money and time.

However, some people don’t like drying laundry inside the house and don’t even want one. In Australia, we’ve got mild weather and there’s usually lots of room outside to hang things.

A hanging rail is a really convenient place to hang your lighter delicates as soon as they come out of the wash.

If there’s a sink below your hanging space, they can drip dry.

3. Add Colour and Fun

A white themed laundry room fitted with two white coloured front load washing machines and a dark blue coloured flower wallpaper finish on the wallLaundry rooms are typically all about form and function.

However, laundry rooms can be transformed into a place you love by injecting a new personality into the space.

Try a fun wallpaper or backsplash, include plenty of colour and fun materials and use cheery accents such as unique cabinet hardware.

4. Organised Storage Systems

A white themed laundry room fitted with a front load washing machine and large laundry baskets, storage shelves and a garment rackAmple storage is gold in your laundry. Include a combination of cupboards, overheads, drawers and benchtop space for the ultimate storage hub.

Gather all of your laundry and clothing-care supplies into one utility cabinet near the washer and dryer so that everything is at hand when you need it.

Create the illusion of a larger space by expanding your floating shelves across an entire wall of your laundry room. The shelves’ horizontal lines will visually expand the space and provide tons of extra storage for baskets, bins and laundry supplies.

You can also consider investing in custom cabinets to hide your washing machine and dryer if your laundry room is in a corner of your bathroom or kitchen.

5. Proper Lighting, ventilation and external access

A white and off blue themed laundry room fitted with a white front load washing machine. It is well lit & ventilated, big windows and lights on the ceiling. There is a laundry basket and storage cupboardsInclude direct external access to your clothesline where possible, and ensure you have adequate ventilation through a window and/or an exhaust fan.

Ensure there is adequate lighting through windows or a skylight and consider installing task strip LED lighting within your cabinetry.

For any number of reasons, many laundry rooms lack adequate lighting.

It may not seem important, but when you're trying to remove stains and iron out wrinkles, good lighting is imperative.

6. The L-Shaped Laundry Room

A white themed laundry room fitted with two white front load washing machines. Also, witted with a grey coloured sink tap and cupboard at the bottom and white colored cupboards at the top. An L-shape laundry room gives you the option of placing the laundry sink on one leg of the L and the washer and dryer on the other.

This layout offers extra counter space for folding clothes and dealing with hand-washables.

In most cases, the L-shaped layout depends on the water supply and drainage as much as the washer's gas availability.