Privacy Policy

This website is subject to the National Privacy Principles under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (as amended by the Privacy Amendment Act 2000). This Privacy Statement explains in general terms how we protect the privacy of your personal information under the National Privacy Principles. It will apply to any personal information you provide to us when registering with us.

What personal information do we collect?

The types of personal information that we collect from you will depend on the circumstances of collection and on the type of service you request from us. For example, when you wish to purchase a product from this website, we may collect details such as your name, address, telephone numbers and other information relevant to your purchase. We also may collect information about the products you have ordered, information from enquiries you have made, communications between us and detailed information about the running of your business as required for our services.

As we are required by law to obtain your consent to the collection of "sensitive information", we will assume that you have given consent to the collection of all information you have provided to us for use in accordance with this Statement, unless you tell us otherwise.

How do we collect personal information?

We may collect personal details about you when you visit our website, when you deal with us over the telephone, send us correspondence (whether by letter, fax or email), or when you have contact with us in person. We will not collect any personal information without your consent. We consider that your consent is granted when you complete the fields necessary to facilitate a transaction through this website.

How do we use your personal information?

We generally collect your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To facilitate your access to our website, products and services
  2. To deliver products you have ordered from us
  3. To conduct marketing activities
  4. To provide you with information about our products and services
  5. To seek your opinion on our products, services, marketing and website.

Access and correction of information about you

We will, on request, provide you with access to the information we hold about you, unless there is an exception which applies under the National Privacy Principles, including for the purpose of correcting or updating that information. We may recover from you our reasonable costs of supplying you with access to this information. Your request to provide access to this information will be dealt with within in a reasonable time. If we refuse to provide you with access to the information, we will provide you with reasons for the refusal and inform you of any exceptions relied upon under the National Privacy Principles.

Keeping your personal information up to date

We take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal details are accurate, complete, and up-to-date whenever we collect or use them. If the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, please contact us and we will take reasonable steps to either correct this information, or if necessary, discuss alternative action with you.

Security of your personal information

We will securely hold your personal details and we will not trade, rent or sell them.

We will take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information which we hold about you. Personal information may be stored both electronically on our computer system, and in hard-copy form. Firewalls, passwords, anti-virus software and email filters act to protect all our electronic information.

We take all necessary measures to ensure the security of hard-copy information. Once your transaction is finalised, both the electronic and hard-copy information are securely archived.

Policy changes

Any changes to this privacy policy will be updated on this site.

Resolving your concerns

If you wish to gain access to your personal information, have a complaint about a breach of your privacy or you have any query on how your personal information is collected or used please forward your request, complaint or query to the address below: We will respond to your query as soon as possible.