How we deliver your new furniture

Not Flat-Packed

One thing you should know is that we are not a flat pack cheap-scape and there is no assembly required.

That's a pretty big deal. While everyone else is offloading the work onto you, to be the expert assembler, we are making it easier.

Your cabinetry arrives ready to be installed.

Royal Blue colored vanity cabinet with patterned mirror
Trucks from koast dispatching the furniture from their factory

Couriered to your door or pick up

Your products will all be packed conveniently onto a pallet and wrapped up for protection by our team of careful elves and shipped to your door by our hand-selected couriers.

When it arrives, your installer (or yourself) can unpack it and start the installation.

Or you can pick up your order. You just need to make that selection when you place your order and we will notify you when you can collect it.

Koast will deliver the product to your door or you can also pick up the products by yourself

Who should install it?

That’s a great question. Ultimately that’s your choice to make. Our expertise is in making the furniture and ensuring it’s all high quality and ready to use.

However, our professional opinion is that you use professional installers. People who do this work every day.

You’ve just invested in purchasing your brand new cabinetry why risk damaging it or getting it wrong.

To help you with that we’re building a comprehensive directory of professional installers you can contact to get a quote.